8 Melamine plates that don’t just pair with bright blue skies

I have this amazing friend. A friend who -for my own security’s sake- shall not be named.


One of the many many things said unnamed friend taught me; was to appreciate things.

Things like rain.  

I know I know. I can hear you boo till here but listen.

Unnamed friend is an incredible photographer and through the power of perspective creates these beyond beautiful rainy day photographs.

It’s not just her camera’s perspective that I look out for every time. It’s her attitude. The way she takes on a “dance in the rain” approach in every aspect of life.

Rain sucks sometimes. Life sucks sometimes.

It's in your power to change your perspective. All.the.time.


Over the past few months I’ve been self-appointed as the Melamine queen. OK fine. Maybe not queen queen. But definitely queen of 35 simultaneously open Melamine browser pages.

Melamine is not just for outdoors anymore. With so many amazing options out there, I find them even more beautiful than many of the “real” dinnerware options. As a mother of 2 young kids I also love the practicality Melamine offers being close to unbreakable (that “close” has a story behind it 😉). What I love most about these is the price point! Remember me, the Melamine queen? I’m also me, the self-appointed ‘loves a good affordable find’ queen.

It might not feel like it this week, But It’s summer here on the East coast, which means stock up time! Runnnnnnnnn!!!!


Please enjoy my favorite blue hued Melamine plates to go along with a meal, or even a mini meal under a perfect blue sky, a perfect grey sky or what once was a perfect white dining room ceiling.



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