How I came to believe in Marie Kondo's tidying method

I have strong opinions about lotsa stuff.


But mostly about stuff.


Which is ironic because I LOVE STUFF.


At one such point- probably around 3 years ago – when I found myself staring at all the stuff I loved I felt rage come on.


I Hated the stuff!


I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff constantly underfoot. I was overwhelmed by the constant-no matter how much I clean this space it doesn’t feel it. My apartment at the time was bright and freshly renovated so why was I feeling so uh, Heavy?

On that fateful day- assuming it was post bedtime because I remember being tired and frustrated and feeling like there’s GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY of doing this keeping house thing.

 A quick google search led me to many Marie Kondo fan groups/forums. Although I didn’t believe in the whole over enthusiastic vibe I was sold. I would give anything to get me a step closer to being organized.

2 days later my Amazon order arrived. A couple of months later her Second book arrived. THIS STUFF WORKED!

(As a side note, there is nothing like the actual book. Yes her show is fun to watch for the boring adults like me. But I highly highly highly recommend reading the actual book.)

I remember gathering all of my clothing and feeling over whelmed by how much I had. There were so many items I wasn’t using at the time but kept because of my (perhaps Hungarian?) beliefs of “You never know, you might one day fit into it/repurpose it/ miss it.”

Same with my kids clothing and books and Komono* (which included toys, kitchen items, props, party-ware and random crap) and sentimental items. Everything had to go through my hands. I started feeling a bit more control over my life. I knew about everything I had and remember feeling so grateful to be blessed to have afforded both- the things I kept and the things I let go of.

Over the years I’ve definitely had good days and better days. I’ve definitely had times where I let myself go. It’s a constant battle because uh- did I mention I LOVE STUFF? As a creative there are always things that NEED (Moish remind me about this next time. K?) to be bought. And yes, I can always find a purpose for everything in some way or another. But the more time goes by the more I am able to hone into my- “Does this spark joy?”

When I buy items, it needs to either be valuable enough to enjoy or cheap enough to be discarded/ given away when I’m done with it. I know some might say that it is Baal Tashchis but I believe there is a certain trace of scarcity in that statement. The Baal Tashchis is it taking up unnecessary brain space. For example: I believe in “The art of hand-me-downs”. Gasp. How dare she admit that on the WWW!  BUT, I would never accept something I wouldn’t buy myself. And no. rejecting is not Baal Tashchis. And being open and honest about not accepting other people’s crap is not called hurting them. Just be open and honest and embrace the less cluttered journey. Its where all good things are.


This leads me to one of the most frequently asked questions:

Why do you live in an apartment? And why are you so overly enthusiastic about it?

Foe one, I don’t believe in unspoken standards and rules. Heck, I even challenge many of the spoken ones (que that Spotify ad). Let’s leave my opinions on standards for some other time.


But OK. Here goes. Naturally, I am a slob. Yes. Another thing I just admitted to way too many people on the Internet. Living in an apartment gives me the luxury of both – messing up this place to caveman status in approx. 15 minutes and getting it spic and span in the same time frame. (lets blame the mess on the toddlers who also live here.K? Its always about the kids, remember?)

The biggest reason I love this space is because its HOME. And everything in here HAS A HOME.

I get overwhelmed easily when the house is a mess (which is like 99.9% of the time) and realize that the overwhelm is usually triggered by the items that don’t have a designated space. For which either a home is found or it finds its way to the trash.

A year ago, when our lease was up in our previous place we originally looked around for a bigger house. And when I just wasn't feeling it with the places we saw I knew it was time to let go. And let god guide us to our future home.

We then found our lil cozy apartment just a week before our deadline/moving date and from the minute I walked in I knew this was home. While my friends and family were sorry for me that we had to downsize I was perfectly content. I knew I would be able to handle this since I was in control/ knew exactly what we owned and what would potentially go where. We also took out a 10 foot storage unit for the outdoor furniture, party props, seasonal items etc.


While this road is messy, In every literal sense of it, I keep reminding myself on the tough days why I love this space, what has brought me to this space, that this is god willing OUR CHOICE and what values it is backed by.


This Konmari journey has been magical and I Can’t wait to show you all what it has allowed me to do with our lil space- hopefully next week.


Until next time.




  • Thank you Shira! And yes I feel like you relate to this well :) ♡

  • L♡VED this ♡ it’s awesome to feel that in control feeling and I couldnt agree more…standards are just standards —→ who says we cant be totally content in a smaller space!? ♡♡♡


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