Life's a peach

Life’s a peach. Sometimes.


On the topic of fruit 😊 (It was Tu B‘shvat on my side of the world today) I heard a saying again that just recently really started resonating with me.

“You can be the juiciest, ripest, most heavenly peach- but there will still be people out there who don’t like peaches.”

Over the past 2 weeks I have been asked a lot -and this might be very premature to share- about how I finally mustered the courage to put myself out there. There are many answers to that; but one of the very big turning points for me was that I realized that, bear with me-


In the best possible way.

Nobody cares if I fail. Nobody cares if I succeed. Nobody cares if I’m stagnant.


I realized that one of my fears were coming off as a fool. What if nobody reads what I write? What if I go outside of the -You are an Event Designer stay where you are- mold? What if people will see me as a wanabe?

And then I realized that all those scenarios are for people that I wouldn’t be able to surround myself with either way. They are apple likers and pear likers and pineapple likers and orange likers. I am not targeting them.

This isn’t about them.

It’s about this hobby of mine that’s been pushed off for way too long. Out of fear of what others will think of me. The irony. Right?

Practically though, How did I get from point A to point Blog?  With many anxiety episodes, way too many- one more pieces of chocolate and a roller coaster of emotions. Also, utilizing one of the pieces of information I have learnt A couple of months back when I read Jen Sincero’s book where one chapter really stuck with me. She discussed the “What If” idea there. She gives many scenarios there and one of them is “What If I TRY?”

These four words have been life changing to me. Looking at things out of curiosity as opposed to judgement have been incredibly liberating and adventurous. I say adventurous deliberately and that is because an adventure cannot be an adventure without the fear factor in it; but also not without the fun factor in it.

This journey is super fun and you have proven me wrong by showing me that YOU DO CARE and I just realized that it will be even funner because I have been using Kim k’s favorite emoji as this weeks theme and I’m not sure why I know this piece of information and now I’m just laughing to myself at my local Starbucks at how I just realized this and how ironic it is.

 Also because of this super adorable peach and earth toned kids room moodboard.

I am introducing interiors here A. Because my love for interiors came before parties and B. Since I feel like both stem from the same place in design – Ultimately making an area look aesthetically pleasing😊  C. Because I don’t follow rules and share more than one of my passions 😉

 Please note: This Is a pricier look and intended for those going for a look like that. (Explanation on what prompted this statement in a later post 😉)






Photos via items links as listed below-


  • @SR Thank you so much for the beautiful words

    Author, Gitty
  • Omg I’m in love with your writing style and I love how you’re so refreshingly honest!

  • @ChayaSuri Thank you so much girl!

    Author- Gitty
  • Okkkaaaayyyy officially
    U just upped the talent a notch… or 5

    CHaya s Levine

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