On Target!

A method of retail therapy regularly performed by mothers who escape their wild for just ONE item.



Hey Moish! Hows your day going? So far so good? Good. Listen, can you do a transfer asap to my card? I'm at the checkout lane at Target, I think I under-budgeted. Ye, and i'm running late for carpool. What? Ye I just needed a few little items… Ye it’s for one of the work-related projects (look at me justifying the purchase to myself). I’ll show you when you get home. Ohhh, how much? Not too much… probably in the $100, 175, 300, 450ish range…ye, approximately. OK see you later. Xo, bye.

My dear husband, bless his heart. I am incredibly grateful to be married to a man who has a head on his shoulders to understand that when Code Target is mentioned you don’t ask questions. You act. He understands that when a phone call like this goes down it is crucial that mission TAFTCTPT (transfer additional funds to card to pay Target) gets executed efficiently and professionally for it is a VITAL supporting piece in the fortress. He just gets it. And in case he ever questions his understanding, wifey will step up and remind him WHY HE UNDERSTANDS. (Insert tornado emoji here, a gif would work too.)

Ok, it’s not always all bad. Like the time I actually remembered the reason I went to target -to get the flavor toothpaste he likes- And didn’t just remember to buy it; But I also didn’t forget it in the car. THE GOOD LIFE. THE LOOK I’M SOMETIMES RESPONSIBLE LIFE.

Also, sometimes, I mean at all times, I come home with cool dollar spot finds that are generally for the greater good. Ya’know?

Take this -perfect for a cold Motzei Shabbos night- hot cocoa bar we set up for example. All from the dollar spot section at target. Oh the cozy winter night memories we are creating with the kids.

Yes, Why are you asking? Of course, I did it JUST FOR THE KIDS. Its allll for them.


Seriously though. How adorable? I personally love the marshmallow banner and itemized labels. How cool is it that none of these items we’re over $3? As someone in the party industry where party goods can get pricey when trying to go for a certain look; finding deals like these give me a high. Ok, also because I usually have too much Starbucks.

Side tracking here for a minute, but does anyone have the contact info to the Target shopping cart buyer? We need to talk. I need to discuss the fact that it is 2019 and there are still no coffee cupholders.

Back to what’s really important. Hot cocoa.

I am sure you’ve been serving hot chocolate every Motzei Shabbos, if not every morning 😊 and this is a great way to up yo cocoa game/change it up a bit.

This party is great both for homebodies and for those of you who like going out on Motzei Shabbos since you can divide this into-

Part A. 

The dollar spot scavenger hunt part (Good luck finding those items from between the socks and cheap electronics)

-All items are from the dollar spot aside from the ball jars and Magnolia home paper napkins.-

Part B. 

Setting up (feel free to include your "helpers") and savoring your hug in a mug.

I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely.

I know we did. All 4 of us children. 

<Objects in scenario above may be overly exaggerated than they appear.>


  • Cozy indeed! @Shoshana!

    Author, Gitty
  • Ooh looks so cozy!


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