That time I created a S'mores Bar with some paper bags

Eeekkkkkk! Lag Be’omer is here! Music to my ears! No, Literally!


Taking a safe assumption here, Lag Be’omer is probably the best day in Marshmallow sales in the jewish food market. It’s officially S’mores day!!!


So personally, S’mores are something I over romanticize simply because I like the cozy-family around fire vibes. Truth is, Nobody really eats it here. But its one of those things that you just gotta do as a legally suburban American family. In’t it? IN’T IT?!


This reminds me of that one time we did an outdoor themed party For a boy named Tzvi. The party was on a pretty calculated budget but I wanted to include a fun interactive dessert slash activity for the kids. Fast forward a couple of hours of googling plus another few on Pinterest and we had our S’more station consisting of Sterno’s in Galvanized cans and Paper bags as the Mini Fire pits and Food Containers.

OMG! It worked out so well (Be aware: We made sure to have supervision for the younger kids. It is fire we're talking about here) and the feedback has been beyond amazing. Who knew Paper bags could be “the coolest thing”?

Back to Lag Be’omer 2019- As much as I like sharing older looks I really really really like changing things up. I figured we can recreate this look in a Starry night theme since I feel like it goes well with the Lag Be’omer situation goin on here.

So grab some paper bags, roll out the edges, drop your sterno's in the galvanized buckets and walla! You got yourself a S'mores bar!


Here is what you will need:

Small Galvanized cans


Paper bags

Skewer sticks


(You will see 2 party kits linked below since I love a good mix n mismatch and these 2 go so well together.)

Kraft and gold Party Set

Starry night Party set

Star and moon balloons

Graham Crackers


Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. 

Some blankets

Preferably some kids and kids at heart for consumption purposes


Happy S’mores day!



Wait one more thing-

Don’t forget to add a whole bunch of cozy!




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