The ultimate 3 step wanderlust travel guide

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Firstly, Thank you to all of you who took the time to hear what Soiree NY’s HQ (One day I will look back at this one woman operation and laugh... and laugh… and laugh… One day.) had to say in their first blog post. Those views and ultimate feedback blew up my heart to a whole new level of------size. The weight gain you’re noticing? Its not fat. My body is just arranging accommodations for those kind words.

It’s that time of the year again! It’s the time where all you hear at social gathering are winter vacation plans. All you see on social media is luggage selfies. All you hear are those noisy-one more thing before takeoff messages.

Sooo… I would like to inspire you with my top 3 travel tips that have been carefully chosen from between an accumulated tried and true list of hacks and tricks. (Mostly from my travels across the Canadian border with nearly forgotten passports and halfa sets of pajamas)

Well, Here goes:

  1. Tap right to those pre takeoff Instagram stories. They present a serious danger to your Ears.
  2. Double like these vacation pics on your feed. You and I both know girl, this is the closest we’ll get to a beach right now.
  3. Fantasize about being somewhere warm----- actually scratch that. LIVE LIKE YOU ARE SOMEWHERE WARM.


Introducing the very first of many Do it yourself guided tablescape segments where I do the hard work and you get to take the credit.  Ain’t that every woman’s dream? 😊 (I know, I know, taking a shower in peace with sufficient karaoke time is your ultimate dream but this one is happening sooner. So there’s that. 😉)

Tu Bishvat is in a week from today ( I know, It’s practically Pesach by you already)! If you look back on my Instagram feed you will find numerous fruit themed tablescapes. There is something about the natural cheerful color that gets me every time!

For this Tu B’shvat Table I wanted to create something simple enough to execute but also Social media worthy (remember when #diditforthegram used to be a sarcastic comment? Now it is serious my friends. So serious!) This Citrus Orange theme will give you just that. Clean, Easy, makes you feel like you’re in Florida, simple, But super impressive.

This is what you’ll need:


First, put together the dome centerpieces. This will probably be the longest part of the process so don’t be afraid to include the -above destroying age- kids for a fun activity.

Take a toothpick, push through a Piece of leafy green, place orange on top of greens and push the toothpick through about halfway. Start from the bottom and work you way up Securing the other half of the toothpick into the Styrofoam. Continue steps till foam cone is full. If there are any gaps squeeze in little pieces of kale to cover.

Cover table with table cover (+ optional grey runner) and set plates, flatware, napkins, Clementine’s and printable cards.

Place Centerpieces (+optional candles) in the center of the table.


YES Suri, You can totally make it into the party planning business. You’d do great! Chaya You too. And same to you Raych!





  • Thanks so much ladies! The cheering on is what keeps this thing rollin :) ♡

    Author, Gitty
  • Classy

    Miriam pessy

  • Love this idea! So pretty!!

  • So simple and pretty! Would love to try this ;)


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