Watcha say, Soiree?

I’ve wanted to be a blogger for a while and now I am! Well, I might not even have a full first blog post up; but look Ma! I am a BLOGGER!

To be completely serious though, I think people have forgotten what the title blogger defines as. You can’t have an active Instagram account with followers measuring in the K’s and call yourself a blogger. An Influencer? Yes. But not a blogger. That’s for people who have a website. And BLOG.

 See how serious I take my title? 😊

So, who is this blogger wannabe and what does she have to offer?

Hey, It’s me Gitty, Event designer and creator of "Party in a box by Soiree NY" initiative. I am a once shy girl gone --- shoots I was going to say gone extrovert but I’d lie if I said that 😉 . One day I might be able to actually say that without twitching and this blog post Is getting me one step closer 😊. Those who know me, know that I love a party just as much as I hate one. I love the setting up part. The creation part. The something out of barely anything part. The heavy planning now baring fruit part. But the ACTUAL party part? I prefer the party to be held in my living room with me sipping tea (really not fun fact: I don’t like alcohol) while wearing my most comfy pair of pajamas with my favorite peoples by my side.

What? Oh you said you want to hear more about these favorite people I mentioned. Sure!

There is Moishy, zee husband. Who by just being his amazing self- has shown me that there ARE still those few amazing golden hearted humans around and encouraged me to discover this whole buried creative side of me.  Me writing here today is thanks to him having more faith in me than I myself ever had.

Then there are two little humans we created. Leiby-4, and Mimi-2. These heavenly little people have brought out the little child in me and have taught me that life is all but one big childhood and should be enjoyed as such.

Now… the MVP’s in this fun experiment I call business, are my galpals who support and encourage me every step of the way. I hope you read this ladies and really really really realize what you have done for me personally as a friend and towards the business. From trusting me to do your parties to placing ‘Party in a box by Soiree NY’ orders to cheerleading. I am eternally grateful to call you my friends.

This reminds me of something I have recently heard: “You know, we as entrepreneurs get the credit and the cheering on for our great ideas. But the real ones who get the credit? Are those first few followers on Instagram. Those first few to place orders. The first ones to recognize your potential before the world sees it.”

The past couple of months have been eye opening to me in how powerful one word of encouragement is. What One Instagram like or comment does. The incredible power of friends supporting friends.


And so, I would like to reciprocate. I am creating this blog so that I can one day give back to those who are supporting me.

I would like this platform to be a place where-

  1. I post cool lookbooks/ finds for your hosting and interior needs.
  2. I share tips and tricks on how to throw an epic party Soiree NY style. Both budget friendly and luxe.
  3. I share company news like newly launched items, services etc. 
  4. I will have the opportunity of collaborating/ interviewing budding solopreneurs and entrepreneurs like myself.


I am excited to see where this -OMG WTH I JUST PUBLISHED MY HEART INSIDE OUT- journey takes me.




  • Lol! Thank you @Rifky

    Author, Gitty
  • GITTTTYYYYYY!! you’re doing good:) way more interesting than All One, lol. Good luck on your endeavors

    Rifky M
  • Thank you Tziry for the beautiful words!

    Author, Gitty
  • Wishing u lots of luck with ur blog and business. Uou are amazing. Love ur style and the inspiration!!


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