What's next?

What’s next?



No. really. I don’t know.



We are fortunate to live in a generation of many successes. We are also unfortunately living in a generation of failure and victimhood. The one factor these two have in common is their identical call for noise. For recognition.

Take a minute. Scroll through your social media for a second and you’ll very soon realize what I am talking about. Right left right left left left right. Very distinctively categorized.

The one thing our society has yet to recognize is the In between.

The during.

The part where we are trying to figure out ‘how do I get one foot in front of the other?’

Our society considers uncertainty to be very uncool.

But without uncertainty there is stagnancy. That is certain. How can you grow when you are forever comfortable with your low bar accomplishments?

Personally, over the last few years of growth, I constantly feel like I have a little Ross running after me and yelling PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT! (FRIENDS S:5 EP:16. You welcome)

There are constant durings and behind the scenes and just lots of “regular”. 

But there are also constant changes and lotssss of Pivot and Pivot and Pivot.

To the few of you beautiful souls who have reached out and inquired on the blogs (and my) whereabouts. This is your answer. I was busy. Busy taking slow and steady steps towards embracing this ‘pivotal during’ season I am in right now.

I know it is unsexy as a business owner in this Girlboss society to admit having to slow down. It’s not cool to accept that no, maybe I cannot do it all at once, figure it out at once, have it all at once.

But what I could do is take apart this little work/life UNbalance and individually enjoy it piece by piece. Step and step. Blog post by blog post.

That is certain.

And I am cool with that.


So what’s next you ask?


Maybe, lets find out together.





  • Thank you Malky! ♡

    Author, Gitty
  • Very aptly said, I appreciate your articulation of the sentiment of success and slowing down, of creating a space for contemplation, the during of what’s next. Lovely creations, I especially love your Pesach set up and music.


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